ERD Is Now an Authorized Repair Center and Distributor for MAVIG Parts

Medical Authorized Service Center

Biomedical equipment servicing plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Equipment failure can result in costly repairs, disruptions in patient care, and even loss of life. To ensure optimal performance and safety, timely and effective maintenance and repair are vital. Specializing in biomedical repair services, ERD’s recent authorization as a MAVIG distributor has further strengthened its position as a leading medical equipment repair center on the West Coast.

The Role of ERD as Authorized Repair Centers and Distributors for MAVIG Parts

MAVIG is a leading manufacturer of radiation protection and medical suspension systems for healthcare facilities. Their extensive product range includes scatter radiation protection (including lower body and upper body protection for surgery and examination tables), mobile MAVIG X-ray protection shields, ceiling-mounted suspension systems for monitors, injectors, and lamps, radiation protection curtains, built-in windows, as well as personal radiation protection garments and accessories.

ERD is committed to ensuring that medical equipment in hospitals and healthcare facilities operates optimally. As an authorized service center and distributor for MAVIG, we now offer a one-stop shop for medical equipment supply and service. This means that clients can purchase original MAVIG radiation protection and medical suspension systems, and have their equipment serviced by ERD, saving them time and money.

Benefits of Having ERD as Your Medical Equipment Distributor

ERD’s authorization as a MAVIG distributor enables us to offer high-quality genuine components from the original manufacturer. This ensures that equipment owners receive authentic and reliable systems and parts that fit perfectly, guaranteeing efficient and safe equipment operations. OEM parts are universally recognized as the preferred choice by repair technicians as they lead to better longevity of equipment, minimized downtime, and better results.

Moreover, as a specialized medical equipment distributor, ERD has the expertise to communicate effectively with clients in the industry. This means we can provide clients with comprehensive knowledge about equipment needs, necessary replacement parts, and repairs that may be required.

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Expertise and Specialized Knowledge

At ERD, our trained technicians possess specialized industry knowledge and experience in repairing a wide range of medical equipment. We ensure our staff is up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the industry offering sophisticated equipment and training programs in line with the requirements of all applicable medical boards and licensing organizations. Furthermore, ERD’s employees also adhere to strict regulations and safety standards when repairing equipment, guaranteeing top-notch services that meet our clients’ needs—guaranteed.

ERD technician repairs MAVIG equipment

Use of Genuine Parts and Components

ERD’s authenticity when servicing medical equipment is a source of pride for our technicians. From original parts to technical expertise, ERD’s services are tailored to ensure that customers receive a quality repair that lasts. This level of dedication to authenticity while fixing medical equipment ensures that patient safety is not compromised in any way.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

ERD understands the importance of safety and environmental regulations in the medical equipment industry. As a result, we have robust compliance policies and measures in place to ensure that we meet all the regulatory standards and regulations. By working with a medical equipment repair center that is fully compliant, customers can rest easy knowing that their business is in good hands.

The authorization of ERD as a MAVIG distributor and equipment installation and service center is a significant milestone, highlighting a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service. With years of experience and ongoing investments in the latest technologies, ERD’s expertise in biomedical equipment repair in Sacramento and beyond is unparalleled. When choosing the best option for your medical equipment repair needs, ERD’s extensive knowledge, compliance with regulations, and use of genuine parts and components should undoubtedly be a factor to consider. Contact us to learn more!

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