Biomedical Annual Electrical & Safety Testing

Annual Electrical And Safety Testing

All new, used or reconditioned medical equipment used in medical practices, dental offices, surgery centers and hospitals are required by the government and hospital industry to be tested annually by a certified biomedical company. A medical equipment management system allows for all equipment to be recorded properly ensuring no equipment gets overlooked or neglected. The annual testing ensures all patient-related equipment is functioning properly, working safely and efficiently.

How Often Should Medical Equipment be Inspected?

Medical equipment must be compliant with the Health Care Facilities Code mandated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA 99 requires health care facilities to test their medical equipment annually to minimize the hazards of fire, explosion, and electricity.

What is the Medical Equipment Checklist?

Certified biomedical technicians use a medical equipment inspection checklist that details the make, model and serial of every medical device. This checklist will also detail the condition of the instrument as well as if it passed or failed the tests.

What Testing is Required?

Annual testing requirements are a comprehensive set of tests including electrical safety, annual performance and calibrations. An inspection sticker will be affixed to a medical device indicating the inspection date, when the next inspection is due, whether the equipment passed or failed, the company name who serviced the equipment and the technician’s name.

What is Included in a Medical Equipment Inspection Report?

A medical equipment inspection report is generated after the completion of the testing and includes detailed documentation and data needed for compliance and risk management. The report documents the testing, repairs and services of each individual instrument in order to show that the medical equipment has properly fulfilled the annual testing requirements per NFPA 99.

Outsourcing Annual Testing Requirements

Outsourcing to a reputable biomedical equipment company is oftentimes the most effective way to manage the amount of medical equipment needing to be tested and documented properly on an annual basis.

ERD’s biomedical technicians bring the skill sets and scheduling flexibility you need to supplement and support your hospital’s annual testing requirements. ERD not only tests equipment but also provides emergency repairs, preventative maintenance programs and regular servicing.

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