Parts Struggle: Overcoming Challenges in Obtaining OEM Medical Parts

OEM Medical Equipment

Just like any machine, hospital equipment requires maintenance and can break down over time. Considering the critical role this equipment plays in saving patients’ lives, it is essential to maintain and service equipment regularly. This kind of upkeep eliminates malfunction and ensures that the equipment performs optimally.

However, one of the biggest challenges for effective hospital equipment maintenance is finding the right parts to replace worn-out or broken components. Often, the best parts for the job are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Procuring OEM medical parts ensures that the equipment is maintained with high-quality parts that fit the original manufacturer’s specifications, guaranteeing the equipment’s longevity and decreasing downtime when it comes to repairs.

Limited Availability of OEM Parts

As technology advances and newer systems become available, older systems are deemed “end of life” (EOL) and are no longer supported by the OEMs. This means that replacement parts for older systems are no longer available. Consequently, sourcing necessary parts becomes nearly impossible, leaving the facility and its patients at risk. When it comes to mission-critical equipment like autoclave service and repair, a lack of OEM parts can lead to postponed procedures or a lack of medical equipment in hospitals, resulting in poor patient satisfaction, decreased revenue, and a tarnished reputation.

Challenges for Independent Service Organizations and Hospitals

Independent service organizations (ISO) like ERD face challenges when OEMs will not supply parts due to either their company policies or because they have deemed a device “end of life.” Hospital biomedical services also face the challenge of sourcing OEM parts because they may need to negotiate directly with manufacturers or through a third-party distributor. Negotiations with manufacturers can be challenging and prolonged, resulting in delays in equipment maintenance and repairs. Ultimately, when OEMs refuse to supply needed parts, ISOs as well as hospital biomedical departments are adversely affected, resulting in patients who suffer from delayed or inadequate care.

ERD Solution for Older Systems

ERD provides solutions for hospitals facing difficulty in sourcing OEM medical equipment parts. ERD offers a single-source solution to acquire the parts and provide the services to maintain and repair equipment. This may include providing support for vital equipment such as operating room lights/booms/integration, surgical tables, sterilizers, and instrument washers. With ERD’s vast access to needed parts as well as being an authorized distributor of OEM parts, ERD has been able to save clients millions of dollars over their years of business. Further, ERD offers knowledgeable support and quick delivery times. Working with ERD ensures that hospital equipment stays operational.

Working with ERD provides clients with a solution that can save time and money, ensure equipment safety, and improve patient satisfaction. To learn more about ERD’s stellar client relations, and available services, including surgical equipment repair in Sacramento, contact one of our customer support representatives today!

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