Implementing Smart Operating Rooms

Smart Operating Room Implementation

Implementing Smart Operating Rooms: Where to Start?

Let’s be real! Establishing a “smart” operating room sounds really cool, but where are you supposed to even start?

ERD specializes in operating room equipment, integration and implementation so you can be sure you’re getting the best ergonomic design, layout and equipment recommendations. Our biomedical technicians will be able to assist in the planning of your smart operating room, negotiating price with manufacturers, installing the equipment and training your staff, so you never have to feel like your on your own.

Hospitals that have a smart operating room, generally can guarantee better service. Here are the specific steps we recommend you take when considering planning this type of project:

  • Assess the current needs of the surgical suites
  • Analyze the space in which the smart operating room will be implemented
  • Plan the scope of the smart operating room project with the certified biomedical technician
  • Determine the workflow and how it will be carried out
  • Check your scope and be sure to add in the projection of future integration and technology
  • Contact the technology providers you will need for this project
  • Negotiate pricing of HD technology, control center, arms, video and sound hub
  • Install and implement the equipment per manufactures installation requirements
  • Train the surgical staff on the new equipment, proper use and best practices for infection control
  • Then sit back and watch the smart operating room increase productivity and decrease turn over of cases

5 Reasons to Implement a Smart Operating Room

Now that you know more about the smart operating room integration, it’s time to take a look at the benefits!

  • More profitable on surgical tables and better visibility
  • The possibility of image fusion
  • Optimization of surgical procedures (traumatology, orthopedic surgery and chest surgery)
  • Patient safety
  • Saving of space and resources within the operation theatre

To enjoy such benefits, make sure you rely on a company that can correctly assess the needs of your hospital center for the implementation of a smart operating room project.

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