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Routine preventative maintenance

ERD has launched a new Enhanced Infection Control Division for businesses, schools and public entities. Customized solutions begin with an assessment to identify potential risk areas, deep cleaning, disinfection training and reporting to track progress. On completion of the program, ERD offers an infection control certificate that can be displayed in the window of qualifying businesses. ERD’s certificate will give patrons assurance that the business cares about offering their customers a safe and clean environment.

ERD has delivered comprehensive biomedical services to more than 350 hospitals and healthcare clients for a combined 30 years. The ERD team utilizes similar state of the art surface testing, disinfecting cleaning system and staff training to bring businesses into compliance with state and federal agencies. Infection reduction techniques are designed to combat viral, microbial and bacterial threats in the workplace.

Infection Control with ERDWith ERD’s expertise in hospital grade disinfecting techniques, their focus on high touch areas and recurring services available, the Enhanced Infection Control Readiness Certification is a benefit to your customers. Qualified public and public-facing entities can post the Certification on their premises to ensure clients that you are ready for business, and proactive about staying healthy and safe from opening day and beyond. ERD wants their clients to be confident that the detection, eradication, monitoring and reporting techniques are high quality, cost effective and will ensure a safer environment for businesses and their customers.

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