Integrating Medical Equipment Planning Early

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Avoid costly equipment and technology mistakes when building or renovating a medical facility with equipment planning support. Medical equipment company and device selection, design of layout and acquisition of equipment and technology can be seriously overwhelming without the help of medical equipment planning professionals. A strong medical equipment planning team is key to a successful project outcome, ensuring the future of the facility as well as to reduce risk and ensure that capital expenditures are handled wisely.

The medical equipment planner is best suited as an individual or company who is an objective and well-informed voice outside of the healthcare facilities operational staff. With their expertise and knowledge they are able to make the decision-making process without bias or influence other than what is best for the client and project.

Medical equipment planners will typically be involved in the budgeting, design schematics, design development and the medical equipment lists and plans. Before construction begins they will be able to work with the architectural and engineering staff to develop a plan that will allow for the substantial utilities and installation requirements of the medical devices. With these plans in place the healthcare facility or clinic will be prepared to provide patient care aligned with the client’s strategic vision from the first day of operation and be able to grow with the client’s vision for years to come.

Substantial planning has to be done when thinking of the utilities and installation requirements that impact the designs and engineering of a healthcare facility. Changes to engineering around fixed equipment such or non-fixed equipment can have devastating results to a projects budget and schedule if not planned properly. A strong medical equipment planner with a clear vision is essential for an efficient workflow of patients and can make a tremendous difference in a project, particularly where physician preferences intersect with medical equipment selections.

A healthcare facility’s vision of the project will come true with the help of a good medical equipment planner, steering them through the issues of health care technology, equipment infrastructure requirements and procurement tasks. Be confident that your plan is safe and adheres to clinical guidelines and regulations.

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