Prevention Over Curative

Prevention Over Curative

Medical equipment preventative maintenance is critical for healthcare providers whose job it is to provide high-quality diagnostics and treatment to their patients. Preventative maintenance is a considerable expense to hospitals and clinics, but it beats the cost for curative repair. Hiring a certified biomedical service technician to perform preventative maintenance allows your facility the added comfort in knowing that the medical equipment they need will be ready for use when they need it. Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, a preventative maintenance schedule is due quarterly, biannually or annually.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is utilized to anticipate the failure or deterioration of medical equipment before it happens. Routine maintenance and monitoring for medical equipment, especially expensive equipment, is extremely beneficial to maintain up-time and reduce the financial impact of a curative maintenance service call.

What is Curative Maintenance?

Curative maintenance happens when medical equipment breaks down or malfunctions. This type of maintenance requires immediate attention from the “right” technician, and often costs significantly more than routine maintenance. Downtime also affects multiple aspects of the healthcare industry because the repair will be costly – but so will the fact that the equipment will be unavailable for its designated purpose of diagnostics and treatment. Can you imagine trying to do your job of healing people without the proper medical equipment needed?

The Different Types of Preventative Maintenance

Taking proactive steps to ensure your business and equipment are protected from unfortunate risks allows budgets and safety to be in the forefront of your business practice. Here are the different types of preventative maintenance:

  • Time-based maintenance: Monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annual maintenance schedules ensure accurate operation of the medical equipment that your business depends on. This type of maintenance is easiest to schedule and budget into your annual financial plan.
  • Usage-based maintenance: Ensuring equipment reliability requires those who use the equipment to record and monitor the number of operating hours used and maintenance can be scheduled around those totals. This is especially true when the equipment doesn’t automatically notify you when its maximum usage hours have been reached requiring maintenance.
  • Prescriptive Maintenance: Uses advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict maintenance and be able to act upon the data to ensure equipment uptime.

Superior Healthcare Equipment Maintenance & Repair

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The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Here are a few specific advantages to staying on top of preventative maintenance:

  • Decreased business downtime and closures
  • Increased equipment life expectancy
  • Work only during scheduled business hours
  • Reduced safety risks for both user and patient
  • Reduced energy consumption

If you’re in the market for sterilization of surgical instruments, autoclave repair or high quality biomedical service technicians to perform preventative maintenance or annual maintenance on your healthcare medical equipment, then you’ve come to the right place. ERD brings the skill set and scheduling flexibility to support your healthcare facility’s preventative maintenance program.

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