Return Policy

ERD, LLC takes all reasonable care that its products and services are delivered to its Customers as promised. ERD assumes that the Customer inspects all products and services upon receipt and checks their performance against the promised criteria.

ERD expects its Customers to report obvious damage to the products delivered (e.g. crate was dropped during shipment and is broken upon delivery) immediately upon receipt and note such deficiencies on the documentation delivered by the carrier together with the shipment. All reasonable care should be taken by the Customer upon receipt, or at the earliest possible time, to record names and contact details of all persons involved, or who could possibly help in a discovery process. When possible, pictures documenting the damage should be taken.

Damages noted within 5 business days, , should be advised to ERD promptly. ERD will then provide instructions as to the disposition of the equipment. Under no circumstances should equipment be returned without prior discussion with an authorized ERD employee to ensure that the best possible service can be provided.

If you have any questions concerning ERD’s Return Policy, or wish to speak with a member of ERD’s Management Team, please contact us.