The Future of Digital Operating Rooms

The Future of Digital Operating Rooms

It’s an exciting time in healthcare, where innovation is taking place and advancements in medical technologies is changing at a rapid speed. Evolving technologies and intuitive surgical software allows surgeons, nurses, administrators and support teams the ability to improve efficiency, enhance safety, and reduce the cost of care. Pushing the boundaries of the “NEW” digital operating room will not only improve patient care but also have the potential to simplify specific workflows and outcomes.


Three Crucial Technologies for the Future of Surgery

Digital transformation of the operating room (OR) sits at the heart of this new era with technologies like robotics, mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) making once complex, high-risk surgeries now very standard.

  1. Robotics is an ideal technology in the OR with devices designed to be more precise than the human hand and complete repetitive tasks easily and consistently. They will not replace surgeons nor the OR staff but rather support the team in ways a human cannot.
  2. Mixed Reality allows the surgeons to see pertinent preoperative images, vital signs, treatment plans, lab results, etc. through MR goggles that act like a display when looking at the patient. Surgeon will no longer be made to stare into a microscope when operating, eliminating a lot of neck pain.
  3. Augmented Reality gives the surgeons the technology to experience data and control connected systems more efficiently and ergonomically as they maneuver though critical surgical situations.

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Moving to the Digital Future

ORs of the future are quickly becoming ORs of the present with AR, MR and robotics becoming mainstream in most hospitals’ surgical departments. Digital OR management systems need to be flexible and comprehensive enough to interface with existing and future medical devices, no matter the manufacturer. Surgical imaging, patient monitoring, and electrosurgical devices are already considered digital OR solutions. As the landscape of medical technology evolves, hospitals have to be ready for whatever innovations may come.

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